Thursday, April 4, 2013

Harbour Island Memories

Finally a few days to devote to editing and eventually printing images from (fairly) recent trips. The first images are from a trip to Harbour Island, Bahamas. Following blogs will include images from Vancouver, B.C., Orvieto, Italy. I'm also working on images from a photo shoot that took place at the Workhouse prison grounds in Lorton, VA which will soon to be developed into residential, commercial and retail uses. All images are copyrighted.

This was my fourth trip to Harbour Ialand since first discovering the island on my honeymoon 11 years ago. Not being able to pick up Cuban cigars in the US, my husband makes up for lost time while in that part of the world. The first order of business is to find the perfect ashtray, which didn't take long, and worked out very well for the week.

 This one was so beautiful, with its pink tones - like Harbour Island's beaches - and its time-worn patina, that I wanted to pack it up and take it home with us, but left it for others to admire.

We stayed in a small two-bedroom beach cottage with good friends from DC and pretty much had the beach to ourselves for the better part of a week. Unfortunately we saw quite a bit of rain that week, but we tried not to let it get us down. And honestly, the skies at any time of day were amazing!


The sand was washed clean each morning by the tide and walks along the shoreline were peaceful. It's a small island, only 3.5 miles long and .5 mile wide, but not short on beautiful - and varied - sights in all directions. Can't wait to go back!

Early Morning Tide

Textured Shoreline

Look for more images from this and other trips soon to be uploaded on my website -